I have a talent for accessible, yet sophisticated, writing which connects well with various audiences. Whether someone is a sustainable fashion buff or wanting an introduction, I am able to create comprehensive and intriguing content. My writing has been featured on blogs and websites, helping to bring attention to new and established brands. I have written for online publications such as The Good Trade, Swap Society, and MADISONS– Innovative Materials.


“Everyone struggles with something and you might be surprised by who you are able to connect with over your hardships.”

The Good Trade  • November, 2018

The Good Trade • November, 2018

A Survival Guide To Getting Things Done When You’re Suffering From Depression

MADISONS Innovatives  • February, 2019

MADISONS Innovatives • February, 2019

Pushing Material Boundaries: Isaac Nichelson and Circular Systems

The Good Trade  • February, 2019

The Good Trade • February, 2019

The Somewhat Sinister And Rebellious History Behind Your Striped Shirt

“The truly disappointing news is that even when we donate clothing to charity (and many secondhand shops) it most likely ends up in another country’s a landfills where they emit toxic chemicals into the air.”

Swap Society  • March, 2018

Swap Society • March, 2018

Why We Swap: Clothing Waste and Fashion Woes

“Behind every production house, there are people who make choices every day to either protect their employees or leave them vulnerable. These choices determine whether something is made ethically, not the location.”

The Good Trade  • August, 2018

The Good Trade • August, 2018

Does 'Made in LA' Mean Ethically Made?

Happy Malista • December, 2017

Happy Malista • December, 2017

Why You Should Not Follow Trends