New Saturday Series

I've really enjoyed sharing visual inspiration through my blog this past month or so but recent events have pushed me to start something new. This doesn't mean I will never do "Visual Saturdays" again but a new Saturday series is up: Sustainable Saturdays. This past week I finally watched the documentary "The True Cost". The film came out last May (2015) and it might have taken me so long to see it because I subconsciously knew that it would have a huge affect on me. I grew up in Northern California so I've never been a stranger to environmental issues but have not been exposed to the true horrors of climate change until I let myself be, recently. This documentary is possibly my worst nightmare because as a lover of fashion it's not easy to come to terms with how harmful the industry is. Fashion is the second largest industry polluting this earth, behind the OIL INDUSTRY. That information (from the documentary) was a huge wake-up call to me and it's impossible to forget that fact. All of this is to say that I'm struggling, I still love fashion but I know I need to start living in line with my values as well. Sustainable Saturday's is my invitation to anyone who wants to go on this journey with me, to find a way to keep the passion in creativity alive, while keeping this earth alive as well. In the mean time I urge you to watch the "The True Cost" yourself because ignorance is bliss but knowledge truly is power.