Okay Ladies, Now Let's Get in Reformation

I've recently become somewhat obsessed with the clothing brand Reformation. I love this brand because it doesn't sacrifice style for sustainability. It strives to achieve both! Reformation is committed to sustainable and ethical practices, right down to their packaging which is 100% recycled! Their website, newsletter and Instagram are all full of great environmental impact facts and tips such as these: 

Reformation has consistent witty, candid commentary for the modern girl. That candidness is part of what is so fun about the brand, but has gotten them into trouble at times. Reformation has had moments of pushing their commentary too far, where witty then becomes inappropriate. I think that is a great reminder that no brand is perfect and it is our job as customers to continue to ask the hard questions! The brand isn't cheap but clothing that takes time and careful effort to make shouldn't be. No need to get a whole new wardrobe from them but consider checking them out and seeing if there's anything that could be an investment piece to love for a long time.

Through exploring Reformations website (which I highly recommend doing) I've stumbled upon TreePeople. TreePeople is an organization based in Los Angeles and strives to bring the surrounding communities together to care for the environment, especially trees! The organization hosts tons of volunteer events from "Park Work" days to "Mountain Restoration" in Santa Monica. They also offer information walks and often a "Moonlight Hike"! TreePeople is all about trying to care for the city of LA so if you live in the area I highly recommend looking them up and even volunteering.