Welcome to London Town

It's been a whirlwind month since I last posted but I am finally able to write some thoughts about it all! A little over three weeks ago I arrived in London because I will be studying abroad here this Fall. I have enrolled in a study abroad program for Fashion Business at the London College of Fashion. LCF already seems like an incredible institution that strives to provide the best and most progressive information about the fashion industry (including ethical and sustainable practices!) I'm excited to learn more about what it takes to create, market and sell garments or brands. I hope to gain a great deal of knowledge this semester so that I can use it to help transform this industry!

Oddly enough my college career has sort of come full circle- I originally went to the Fashion Institute of Technology for my first semester, freshman year. My major was Fashion Merchandising Management and one of my very first classes was Business 101. I hated it. I transferred to California Institute of the Arts the next semester because I wasn't enjoying what I was learning- I wanted far more creative freedom and environment to grow in. CalArts has been a roller coaster but I am so grateful for the time that I've received to learn more about who I am, grow my critical thinking skills and expand my compassion for others. I feel more comfortable, confident and curious about myself, and my path in life, than ever before. Now that I've gotten a chance to discover and explore I believe I am ready to get more practical. My hope is that LCF will help me to figure out what path I should take to be the productive, yet creative, person I wish to be. 

From the start, I feel so inspired by this city, the people and diverse street style. There are a lot of sustainable companies that I am excited to learn more about and vegan restaurants I'd like to haunt- which I will of course record here. So far I've found a Sunday farmer's market, an eco-friendly dry cleaner, and organic grocery store (with some bulk options) near by! I'm enjoying discovering London but am also incredibly overwhelmed. I've been observing the many ways in which this city is attempting to be more sustainable and also the ways in which it is creating excessive waste. My British Cultural Studies teacher has been talking a lot about how the city is full of contradictions and I would have to agree. It fascinates me. I'm not sure what this semester has in store but I know it won't be boring. Wish me luck!