Of the Week: Mellow Yellow

Brand of the Week

Older Brother

A clothing company that is made in Los Angeles, with natural dyes and "eco-conscious" fabrics. Is this heaven? Older Brother produces simple, sturdy items that are all unisex. As with most sustainable/slow/conscious products they are not cheap, but their collection may just contain the jacket to last you a lifetime.

From SS17 lookbook

From SS17 lookbook


Watch of the Week

Overcoats' Tiny Desk Concert

I recently had the pleasure of going to a Maggie Rogers concert (if you haven't checked her out, I highly recommend) who had the band Overcoats open for her. I was a first time listener and their performance was amazing. They're two NYC based artists that seem to genuinely love making music together. Their first full length album "Young" is out on April 21st! To get a glimpse of their infectious enthusiasm watch the Overcoats Tiny Desk Concert below.


Feed of the Week

The Know Collective

This company is new and their website is still being developed but that doesn't stop them from putting out great content! If you know me at all then you understand I am a huge advocate of speaking about mental health and so is The Know Collective. They focus specifically on women's mental health through the encouragement of conversation, community, and counsel. As someone who struggles with depression and anxiety I am always grateful when I see others speak up, it makes me feel far less alone. Check out The Know Collective's Instagram feed to get a taste, or dive deep by signing up for their newsletter.  

From The Know Collective Instagram: @theknowcollective

From The Know Collective Instagram: @theknowcollective