Newsletters I Actually Want to Read

Let's be honest, my eyes are bigger than my...uh attention span when it comes to content consumption. I have tabs open on all my devices, and browsers, of articles I want to read but haven't had the time to. On one hand it is heartening to know that there is such a wealth of information out there, yet it is still extremely daunting. I try to stay up to date with news and pop culture, though sometimes I have to narrow the playing field in order to actually retain any information. Here are five newsletters that I actually read and look forward to reading daily/weekly/monthly:


The Daily Good


Every weekday morning the conscious lifestyle publication, The Good Trade, sends out a quick email outlining insightful reads, empowering listens, ethical items to buy, and more! This company is already putting out beautiful work through their website and this is just the icing on the cake. I am NOT a morning person but the start to my day is made easier by opening up this newsletter. Subscribe here.


The Hell Yeah Weekly

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"Valuable shit for creatives doing business." is how The Hell Yeah Group describes their weekly newsletter. I can't argue with that! Each week The Hell Yeah Weekly, also known as "The Nerdletter", consists of a curated list of helpful articles and advice on finance for creatives. As someone who went to art school, this newsletter is an amazing resource. Subscribe here




Although Factory45's services are specific to sustainable fashion designers, I still find their frequent newsletters incredibly beneficial reads. The founder of the company, Shannon, uses examples from her own life to highlight key resources for entrepreneurs. From crowd funding to confidence building, she covers it all. Whether you are in fact starting a conscious clothing line, or just want some advice from a pro, this weekly email is full of good information. Subscribe here.



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Without fan girl-ing too hard, I have to tell you that Racked is one of my favorite publications. The site successfully combines, politics, history, ethics, and fashion to create truly clever pieces. Their weekly newsletter covers their most recent articles and some of their picks from other publications. Each time I open the email I find at least one new fascinating read. Subscribe here.


Girl's Night In


Finally, you've taken in all the information you can and you just need some rest. This is where Girl's Night In comes into play. Those who know me well understand that I am a serious homebody, so when my good friend showed me this newsletter I thought; I've found my people. Every week GNI sends out an email with "the best reads and self-care recommendations for your night in". Love it! Subscribe here.


After all of that talk of newsletters, I'd be remiss not to plug my own! Each week I'll send you a short n' sweet email with links to my latest work and great reads about the #slowfashionmovement.