Why We Swap

This week, along with my school's "Commission for Sustainability", I am holding a clothing swap! I thought I'd take this opportunity to get back to basics and remind myself, and others, why it's great to do so.

Fashion Revolution is an organization that I have discussed on the blog before. It's a nonprofit which aims to inform the the public, and spur grassroots activism, in regards to the fashion industry. They have loads of information on their website which outlines alternatives to fast fashion, how to speak up and hold brands accountable. Fashion Revolution has an entire Pinterest board devoted to facts, figures, and quotes about the huge industry of fashion. Here are some to paint a picture:

  • The fashion industry is the second largest industry polluting our earth aside from the oil industry
  • More than 70% of the clothes donated globally end up in Africa, which has destroyed the local economy for tailors
  • 60% of garment workers in India and Bangladesh have experienced harassment in the workplace in the forms of verbal or physical abuse

I love the fact that clothing swaps can bring friends- old and new- together, but they are much more than simply a social event. We swap so we can send less clothing to landfills, keep our dollars from supporting sweatshops, and to bring life to old items!

If you found any of this content new and interesting then I highly recommend watching The True Cost, a documentary which reveals the inner-workings of the fashion industry and all its consequences.

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