10 Social Media Accounts to Inspire and Inform

As I've dug digger into the world of sustainability within the fashion industry I've been inspired by all the resources I've been able to find. I decided to compile a list of the most interesting, helpful and exciting social media accounts that are spearheading the #slowfashion movement!


  1. Safia Minney is the founder of People Tree, a fair trade clothing company based in the UK. Find her @SafiaMinney on Twitter and @safia_minney on Instagram.
  2. Lucy Siegle is an "eco writer" who was featured in the amazing film The True Cost along with Safia Minney and Livia Firth. Find her words of wisdom on Twitter: @lucysiegle
  3. Livia Firth is the Creative Director of Eco-Age which is a brand consultancy that focuses on sustainability. Find messages from the brand on Twitter: @GCC_ECOAGE and Instagram: @ecoage or from Livia herself on Twitter: @liviafirth and on Instagram: @livia_firth
  4. Fashion Revolution is an amazing organization fighting for transparency in the fashion industry. To get informative snippets from them find then on Instagram and Twitter: @Fash_Rev
  5. Ethical Fashion Forum is a company encouraging and discussing "business without compromise". Find them on Twitter: @EthicalFashionF and Instagram: @ethicalfashionforum
  6. Ethical Unicorn is a blog which showcases ethical and "waste-free" products. Find their reccomendations on Instagram: @ethicalunicorn
  7. The Good Trade features brands, products and ideas that are attempting to make a difference. Find the beautiful things they've found featured on their Instagram: @thegoodtrade
  8. Remake Our World is another company which promotes change, in the fashion indsutry and world at large. Find visual inspiration on Instagram: @remakeourworld
  9. What's Your Legacy consults and features fair trade brands. Check out their chic findings on Instagram: @whatsyourlegacy.co.uk
  10. Stitched Up UK is a non-profit co-op in Manchester which is getting active in the fight against fast fashion. Find their conversations on Twitter: @StitchedUpUK