'Of the Week': A New Series

This new series will happen every so often to round up some of my favorite things to listen to, read or participate in. I hope something catches your eye (or ear)!

Song of the Week

Green Light by Lorde

The highly anticipated new single from Lorde has been recently released and I'm not gunna lie, I can't get it out of my head. I've been a longtime fan of her music, and although this album seems like it's going in a slightly different direction sound-wise, it's still a great time! Also don't forget to check out her performance of the song on Saturday Night Live– complete with signature spastic dancing that kills me every time.

Melodrama cover art by artist  Sam Mckinniss

Melodrama cover art by artist Sam Mckinniss


Quote of the Week

"Sleep is the answer." – Emma Straub

OKREAL has been featured on the blog before but it's hard to get enough of their clear, engaging and consistent content. It seems that March, whether you are a student or not, tends to be a busy time. Spring is in full swing and schedules are packed! This advice below is something that we all (especially I) need to remember as we push through our to-do lists.

Find OKREAL on  Instagram

Find OKREAL on Instagram


Find of the Week

5 Every Day

Someone recently brought this app to my attention and I couldn't be happier. If you are local to Los Angeles, and also often overwhelmed by it's size, then this is for you! The band YACHT has put together this straight-forward iPhone app which provides you with 5 cool things to do in LA every day. It's absolutely free so you have nothing to lose!

I am currently interning for TreePeople, which leads volunteer tree planting and care events every weekend! Come enjoy the results of all the recent rain and take part in caring for LA. Sign up for an event on their website!