The Vagina Times: Birth Control, Periods and Waxing, Oh My!

For some reason Seattle was a time to focus on being a female:

Planned Parenthood – I didn't get a chance to go to my gynecologist before I left on my trip. I forgot that leaving for 5-6 months meant I needed renewal of my medications for that long as well- and that requires a check-up appointment. So I found myself at Planned Parenthood and had the most pleasant experience! First off I was in the waiting area with two MEN, yes Planned Parenthood is for guys too! Then I had a nurse take my weight, blood pressure etc. She also asked me a series of questions such as: Do you feel safe in your relationships? Do you feel depressed ever? How often? What resources do you have? I am an incredibly privileged person in many ways so these questions were fairly easy to answer but for some people who don't have proper access to therapy, good sexual education and general support, these questions are SO important. Finally the doctor came in and checked in with all the questions I'd answered- she told me how important she thought therapy is and I completely agree- and then wrote me a prescription for THE SAME BIRTH CONTROL IM ON NOW. I didn't get some random pack or whatever, I was able to get right back on track with my life, in a new city and away from my family/doctor. Amazing. Now, I urge you to donate whatever you can to the amazing organization because they are doing a million things right. 

Diva Cup  I've heard so much about the Diva Cup lately and have been urged by many friends to try it. I finally went to a Whole Foods in Portland and bought one. My period came when I was in Seattle so I decided to test it out. Like many told me, it took some getting used to and was uncomfortable for the first trial run. After some adjustment I felt I got the hang of it and am incredibly satisfied with my purchase! The Diva Cup is economical, eco friendly and easy to use. I highly recommend it!

Sugar Sugar – I've been getting bikini waxes for about 4 years now but have never tried sugar waxing before. I thought I'd try this place in Seattle because I've learned recently that it hurts let and is far more environmentally friendly than regular waxing! My experience was very positive. The appointment was slightly longer than a regular wax but I felt my results were much better than I've had before. For anyone who is thinking of getting waxed for the first time I would definitely recommend sugar waxing!