Road Trip Series Week 2: Seattle to Grand Junction

I spent the past week walking, biking and driving around new places. I started a new book, an audiobook and listened to a ton of my favorite podcasts. On good days I feel very excited about this time in my life because there's so many possibilities to explore! But other times I realize that I'm maybe more confused about what I want to do than when I started college. I know that life is complicated and constantly changing but it's a bit discouraging to feel like I've wasted time and money on an institution that has only taken me to a new state of confusion. Again, maybe this is all totally normal and maybe it's the times- there just are so many options- but it can be quite overwhelming. For example; I had hoped this road trip would bring me some answers but instead I feel like I've just come up with more questions. (How naive of me, I know.) However I know that it's important to keep perspective and take life one day at a time- when I remember this I am so grateful for the questions, for the time to learn new information and soak it all up. Well, here's to confusion and learning to become comfortable with uncertainty- cheers! 



I must admit that I am a 10 Things I Hate About You fan so, if for no other reason, I was extremely excited to be in the city that the movie was shot in. I never realized how spread out Seattle is and sometimes felt like I wasn't sure where to go to get the full experience. Nevertheless, I had some great, food, nice walks and an overall relaxing time in this NorthWestern city.

Wayward Vegan — Aside from the fact that I was seated at the counter next to a far too chatty older woman, it was great! That sounds so sassy but I was really not in the mood for her unsolicited advice and comments. I forgot my new book so I ended up on my phone for far too long. I have to remember my books because it feels so much nicer and less pathetic to read when I'm alone at a restaurant. Otherwise the food was great, it’s amazing what some places can do with vegan food! I got the “Crunch Wrap Supreme Master”, yup, it’s vegan Taco Bell haha. This place was also kind enough to give me food to-go in my own containers!

Chaco Organic Cafe— Chaco has a sign that says “We want to know what your food allergies are!” I love it. I love the connection that comes with personalizing your meal. I know that cooking can be an art form, and I really respect chefs, but I also think the best chefs are the ones who can make an amazing dish despite limitations. I know I’m biased because I’m vegan, but all the vegan places I’ve been to have such accommodating and wonderful vibes.

Pretty Parlor— This vintage shop was very cutesy with mostly 40s/50s pin up girl vibes. I enjoyed looking at all they had to offer but it's not really my style. I did snag a great men's vintage denim jacket though! 

Revival — A cute consignment shop with a nice hand picked selection.

Good Bar — I met my old friend Morgan here for a drink and some food on Thursday night. I really like the simple and clean decor, good drinks and yummy food.

Thrive — This is a "health food" restaurant but is still super delicious! Got a nice smoothie bowl.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters — This place was in a really cool location in Capitol Hill. I had a nice iced latte while I sat and read for a bit.

For a more personal discussion of my time in Seattle called The Vagina Times: Birth Control, Periods and Waxing, Oh My! Click here.


Richland, Oregon

Wow, I did not do my research before I arrived here. I had booked an Airbnb in Richland because I needed somewhere to stop on my way to Salt Lake City, but I didn't realize exactly what I was getting myself into. The town is about four blocks total and by the time I arrived at 7:30pm the ONLY restaurant was closed. Thankfully I had some bulk oats in my car and ate some oatmeal for dinner. However that was just the beginning of my anxious night. If you know me at all you know I don't like to be truly isolated, I'm far more a city girl than anything else. The town was cute but I couldn't shake the feeling of being stuck and alone. I unfortunately didn't get the best sleep that night but now have a good story to tell.


Salt Lake City

I had no idea what to expect of Salt Lake City but I had a great visit. There was enough to do so that I wasn't bored but there wasn't too much that I felt overwhelmed. The one bump in the road during my visit was on my first night there. The Airbnb I was staying at had antique door knobs that were beautiful, but didn't work very well. I had closed the bedroom door to go to sleep but needed to go to the bathroom so I tried to open it and the doorknob fell off. It was funny at first but then I realized that I actually couldn't find a way out of the room. Finally, after calling my mom (duh) and the Airbnb host (who was sleeping and didn't pick up) I got creative with one my earrings and pried my way out. Needless to say I left the door open after that. Other than that, I enjoyed strolling around the surprisingly eclectic city!

Veneto— Truthfully this was one of the only places open when I got into town late Saturday night but it was very good! Definitely not vegan but it's a new restaurant that has a super sweet staff and good policies. 

RYE— I had a delicious vegan brunch and latte here. There was good music being played and great service! 

Temple Square— On my one full day in the city I enjoyed roaming around Temple Square. I had as much fun observing the statutes and church as I did the people who flocked to the tourist site. 

Green Bikes— This was the best impulse buy I ever made. I had planned to walk to Temple Square but stumbled upon a Green Bikes station and bought a bike pass on the spot! It was so easy and fun to use- especially since the streets are wide and not clogged with cars.

Oasis Cafe— After a long, hot day I treated myself to a late lunch and a glass of white wine. I felt like such a mom but also loved it.

Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen— I went here right before I hit the road and was able to get my acai bowl in my own container and a snack for later in my own container as well! I hope that I can come back to this place someday and try one of their "pulpsicles".


Grand Junction, Colorado

This was also a stop that I didn't prepare for but I'm glad because I was so pleasantly surprised. Grand Junction seems as if it's going to be incredibly remote but actually has a lot of great shops and restaurants in their downtown area. I stayed right outside of downtown surrounded by the most amazing Colorado mountains. I've never experienced mountains like these and was blown away.

Week 2 Playlist

  1. Heartbeats by The Knife
  2. Chasing Shadows by Santigold
  3. A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton
  4. Happy by Marina and the Diamonds
  5. Fourth of July by Sujan Stevens
  6. True Love Waits by Radiohead
  7. Unrequited Love by Lykke Li
  8. Lithium by Nirvana
  9. Fineshrine by Purity Ring
  10. Say My Name by Destiny's Child
  11. Pon de Replay by Rihanna
  12. Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield