Road Trip Series Week 4: Ohio to Toronto

It's so common in our culture for straight guys to complain about "stuck up" girls. Girls that put a lot of effort into how they look and know they look good. Selfies have helped this stereotype to grow even further. The Kardashians are the epitome of this stereotype, especially in this modern age, and are criticized constantly for it. So many straight men reject this from women. Instead many are drawn to the meek, the girl who is beautiful but doesn't know it. This is an example that many will roll their eyes at, but the song "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction literally says, "You don't know you're beautiful, That's what makes you beautiful." This perpetuates the notion that women are supposed to only feel beautiful when a man recognizes it. I recently read a piece by an incredibly talented fellow CalArts student about catcalling and the her struggles with dealing with it. These interactions are not wanted, so we don't want to smile. This ends up feeling extremely passive, even submissive. Jamilla Reddy (the author) reflects on how this adds to the acceptance of rape culture and I would have to agree. The other day I was walking around Toronto by myself, headphones in, bitch face on and trying not to move my hips to much so I could attempt to attract the least attention as possible. But then I thought- fuck that! I feel good, I like my outfit, I love myself and I'm listening to some great music. I tuned the world out and walked just the way I wanted to, head held high, knowing that I looked good and no one needed to tell me for me to feel any sort of way about it. This isn't always easy and; ask Jamilla points out, not always possible but it was a moment of clarity. I'm not vouching for narcissism, but let's stop telling females to keep their pride quiet. Let them take selfies! Let us know we look good and not have so little self confidence that that scares you. We woke up like this and we know it looks good, so love it or leave. 


I didn't really take any photos or notes when I was in Ohio because I was visiting family outside of Cleaveland. I got the chance to rest, relax and goof around with my amazing cousins. The picture above is of my ONE of cousin's dogs "Morty" taking a comfy nap on the couch– I feel like it is a good representation of my visit there.


Food & Liquor — Super great service- the staff was really friendly and helpful. Their food consists of small plates that seem to be Japanese food inspired. I got celebrate my friend Brittany's birthday on their outdoor patio with her other friends!

Fresh On Spadina — This is an all vegan place and I spent a total of 30 minutes, here but was happy to get yummy smoothie because I haven't gotten the chance to in a while! They were playing Body Party on a Sunday afternoon which amused me greatly. 

Grasshopper — A nice vegan restaurant "focusing on taste". Super yummy!

Bang Bang Ice Cream — Another wait for ice cream but it was definitely not an hour this time. This place has unique ice cream presentation - in a waffle cone, cookie sandwich (there are at least 4 different types of cookies), puff pastry, or cinnibun. So many delicious options!

Kumpfert & Kim — An all vegan/vegetarian restaurant with great design. I went here twice for great vegan meals; however, I felt very un-welcomed by the staff– customer service is key!

VSP — This is an awesome vintage and consignment shop. All the pieces are designer so it can get a little pricey, but I had a really fun time just looking through all of the beautiful items.

Fashionably Yours — Another consignment shop with better pricing but more geared towards the "working woman". I tried some stuff on but don't feel I need a pair of trousers or button-up shirt at this moment in my life. 

Gusto 101 — This is a cool Italian food restaurant but oddly I got a beer and salad. Sometimes it's just what I'm in the mood for. Great atmosphere.

The Tampered Press — A quiet coffee shop where I got to hide from the heat for a bit. They had good coffee and vegan pastry options!

Week 4 Playlist:

  1. They by Jem
  2. Gosh by Jamie xx
  3. Minnie by Sleigh Bells
  4. Genevieve by Jai Paul
  5. Bourgeois by Phoenix
  6. Can We Work it Out by Arcade Fire
  7. Renaissance Girls by Oh Land
  8. Not Giving In by Rudimental
  9. Good Life by Kanye West
  10. Hey Ma by Cam'Ron
  11. Juicy by The Notorious B.I.G.
  12. Baby Boy by Beyoncé